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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 24, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> you are watching "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. coming up, a step towards the escalation in ukraine, russia's vladimir putin moves to revoke the right to take military action. >> the u.s. secretary of state talks to kurdish leaders in iraq. sunni leaders widen their offensive. >> kicked out of the world cup, did they play fair?
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>> in a 180 degree policy turn, vladimir putin has asked lawmakers to revoke his right to intervene militarily in ukraine. >> back in march they authorized the use of troops in ukraine to defend the russian speaking population there. shortly afterwards, moscow and asked the ukrainian region of crimea. >> leading up to the ukrainian presidents weeklong truce, there were growing concerns that russia might be stepping a military buildup by putting troops on combat alert. with this latest development, he seems to be talking peace rather than preparing for war. >> vladimir putin was in austria, signing a deal for a gas pipeline that will bypass ukrainian soil. it will take more than just a signature for the russian president to bypass the political stage. he asked parliament to cancel a resolution that would have sanctioned russian military force in ukraine.
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but he vowed to protect the interests of ethnic russians in ukraine. he asked kiev to extend its cease-fire and enter unconditional talks with russian rebels. european union leaders are due to meet later this week. his partial backdown is seen as a response to the threat of fresh economic sanctions. they have said that moscow must promote de-escalation in ukraine or face consequences. >> to find out about the implications of these latest developments, let's get to moscow, where our correspondent joins us now. is this latest move really because of the threat of sanctions? >> that really seems to be his main motivation. here in moscow there are times in which sanctions were left off or shrugged off. russia has filed a complaint with the wto to protest the sanctions. now they want to avoid at any costs more sanctions, as those
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would hurt the russian economy. it was also today a good signal for him -- while he was in austria signing a major contract with an austrian state company, he seems to hope that more european states will want to prefer to do business with russia than follow the u.s. on sanctions. >> this might be premature, but are russia and ukraine on the path to settle the crisis? could we start seeing a normalization of relations between these countries? >> it know, that would be very premature. vladimir putin has made clear that his general stance on ukraine has not changed. he doesn't want ukraine to turn to europe, he wants russian interests to be heard and considered. he will continue to put pressure on ukraine. the troops along the border won't go anywhere. experts here said that it did not cost him much to have this permission revoked, some of them
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here say that he has already reached what he wanted, the destabilization of eastern ukraine. >> reflate, there is now a possibility that the government in kiev will talk directly with separatists. what will be the desirable outcome for moscow? >> moscow probably wants regional elections and they will hope for a moscow friendly government in those regions. in the long-term, russia expects ukraine to be not joining nato or joining the european union. >> thank you so very much. >> these developments come just one day after pro-russian insurgents in eastern ukraine agreed to the cease-fire ordered by the president. >> when president putin threw his weight kind the ukrainian leaders he's plan, the german foreman minister in kiev welcomed the move.
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>> the mood in kiev was up beat. the german foreign minister spoke of historic, perhaps decisive days for ukraine. both he and the ukrainian president welcomed prudence backing away from armed intervention in ukraine. he expressed support for the idea that the osce could monitor the cease-fire in the ukraine, possibly with participation from moscow. >> we still have to determine whether russia will provide observers to the osc mission, which already includes many other countries. it remains to be seen whether the osce can help to guarantee truly effective border controls in eastern ukraine, in addition to monitoring the situation there. >> from the diplomatic front to the battlefront, separatists say they have shot down a government helicopter near the city. nine people on board died. this comes just after one day
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the rebels agreed to the cease-fire in kiev. >> now we turn our attention to the other major story, the conflict in iraq. john kerry held crisis talks with kurdish leaders in northern iraq to urge them to back the central shiite led government in baghdad. >> meanwhile there has been more key fighting in the oil refinery north of the capital. a u.n. human rights team says that more than 1000 people have been killed since isis started its offensive oh earlier this month. >> the u.s. secretary of state traveled to northern iraq as part of washington's efforts to prevent the country i'm collapsing. he urged iraqi kurds to continue backing the government in baghdad. >> in recent days the security cooperation between the forces here in the kurdish area have been really critical in helping to draw a line.
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>> so far islamists have not advanced into the kurdish region. but their sweep through northern iraq has forced thousands of refugees to flee into kurdish territory. the kurds have had in a group -- a degree of autonomy for decades. now there are concerns that they could separate from iraq, potentially taking with them to your cook and nearby oilfields, a nightmare for baghdad, already pressed to contain sunni militants. guaranteeing oil supplies is a big issue for the kurdish government. the isis advance has already led to fuel shortages and come on a long waits at gas stations. the region's government hopes that supplies from abroad will help to ease their problems. currently the fuel shortage is putting pressure on the kurdish economy. even as the kurds face war on their southern border. growing anger at baghdad was one
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of the reasons john kerry traveled to northern iraq. even after his meeting, it is not clear if the region's leaders still see a future in iraq. >> joining us in the studio, an iraqi journalist based right here in berlin. a mere, very warm welcome. i want to start off by asking you about the kurds. where do they fit in in this turmoil? the advance of isis has presented an opportunity for them. >> opportunity that is also an advance, it is a challenge for them. as you know, this is the touch of the fighting line, which will be in front of their area with isis fighters. also, in the end they are the big winner of this new challenge. they got control of pure cook -- her cook -- cure cook -- they got control of the oil.
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>> the united states sees them as key to trying to keep a rack together. what do you think? -- think? >> definitely. the kurds play a major role in this matter. the have many elements in their hands. they have the ground, the military power, with control over the oil and a huge network of relationships in the area and in the region that makes them strong enough to play ole. >> john kerry has argued that the people of iraq are actually better off together. is the prime minister receptive to that message? has he reached out across the sectarian divide to show signs that he wants to share power? >> nowadays we are seeing some kind of changing in the area of the political area in baghdad, which people began to understand to get the message from the united states to trying to find a new solution for this political conflict.
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of course, with kurds, definitely they will be the main player in this struggle. >> that's talk about the iraqi army for a moment. has the weakness there surprised you? >> not really. we are thinking that there is a kind of corruption in this important military area. these people don't like, don't want to fight for a political system that they don't believe in. also, there is this strategical advisors of mr. malik he there. it seems they do not really fit in this area. that is why it is not surprise me at all. >> all right, thank you for your perspectives. >> thank you very much. >> well, the conflict in iraq is affecting the country's neighbors. georgia is increasing border
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security after several crossings of captured iraqi militants. >> george and -- jordan's king abdulla called for a political solution to the crisis. the german president called for more aid. sudanese authorities have rearrested a christian woman previously sentenced to death for converting from islam. >> she was detained as she and her husband were apparently trying to board a plane. the court sentenced her to death last month for giving up islam and becoming a christian. she was released on monday, after the verdict was annulled by a court of appeals. >> the captain and crew members of the south korean ferry that sank earlier this year have appeared in court for the start of their trial. the defendants are facing charges ranging from negligence
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the homicide. if found guilty, the captain and three other crew members could get death sentences. nearly 300 people died when the ferry sank in april. any of the victims were students on a school trip. >> in germany, two police officers have gone on trial, charged with causing bodily harm to protesters were years ago. >> at least nine people were injured. one of them seriously. police used a water cannon to try to disperse the rally. demonstrators were protesting against a project to redevelop the city train station. >> one of them injured was a retiree, dietrich. >> it has taken four years for him to have his day in court. but now he is hoping that justice will be done. water -- partner -- wagner is almost blind. four years ago he was hit in the can -- it in the eyes with a
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water cannon. these police officers are being called to account for his injuries, as well as those of nine others. they deny the charges. his lawyer is hoping for a conviction. >> the first thing that we want is for the officers to be found guilty. they must accept their responsibility. >> activists and the prosecution say that he and others would not have been injured if the officers had called for restraint on the day of the protest. wagner, pictured here after the rally, was especially unlucky. surgeons have been unable to completely restore his sight. along with thousands of others, he went to the demonstration to protest against the project to redevelop the city's railway station. few expected the police response to be so harsh. most of the injuries were caused because police and the water cannons at the head of the
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protesters. something that prosecutors say the officers on trial could have and should have stopped. >> wagner knows he has no hope of getting his sight back, but he hopes a trial will help to clarify how things could have gone so wrong. >> 400 miners are reported to be stuck inside of a mine in sweden. >> they became trapped within the mine after a truck caught fire. the workers were able to put out the blaze and there were no reports of injuries. but it is not clear at this point when they will be able to leave the mine. >> still to come, reports of another mass kidnapping in nigeria. >> we will be going to the world cup in brazil, where there has just in a pretty controversial match. italy is heading home after being beaten by uruguay. did uruguay play fair? we will be asking that question when we come back.
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>> see you in a moment. >> welcome back. there are reports of another mass kidnapping in nigeria. local media there say the gunmen belonging to boko haram took as many as 90 women and children over the weekend. >> the reported attacks took place in the far northeast of the country, the state of borno. the same region where boko haram of ducted over 200 schoolgirls two months ago. this latest kidnapping is said to have hit the village south of the state capital. we now go live to nigeria. joining us on the line from the capital, our correspondent.
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race, welcome to the program. what more can you tell us about this latest incident? >> what we have so far is a report getting to the abduction the took place in sovereign forcing them to choose between,- married women, natives, and men that wanted to take over. they were abducted from different religions and local government areas. they were told that they would set parts of the villages ablaze. this is the view -- the village that is closest, where over 200 were abducted over two months.
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these girls are still waiting for more news on the whereabouts. >> we know that authorities are already facing a lot of criticism for their handling of the mass of dutch and you just mentioned. what are people saying now? >> that it is an outrage, an outrage. and the bring back our girls have been waging a campaign. they kept asking questions without getting answers from the government. what is going on? what is happening? when is the subduction going to end? why are nigerians being sent to be killed and kidnapped in this area? people are looking forward to the government asking more questions and bringing more action.
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>> all right, reporting there from the nigerian capital, thank you for that up eight. >> children are getting dragged into the civil war in syria. not just as victims, but fighters on the battlefield. >> that is according to human rights watch. a new report says that many of the groups fighting the regime have put child soldiers on the front lines. >> these images are said to be from the syrian civil war. but they cannot be independently verified. they were up late -- uploaded to a us-based internet portal for the middle east. mohammed is 13 years old and a member of the free syrian army. he says that he joined to protect his country and the
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honor of its women. child soldiers fighting in a conflict that has already claimed over 150,000 lives, many of them children. human rights watch says they have gathered evidence showing that the syrian rebels a recruiting boys. 29 cases have been documented. the overall number is unknown. the practice is not limited to one group. the free syrian army and extremist forces have been indicated. some children have even been used to carry out suicide bombings. >> the children are recruited by various means. sometimes through relatives or friends. or they make contact with militant organizations at public demonstrations. but they are also recruited through educational programs. especially by isis.
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>> educational programs that involve weapons training. even for those who can barely hold a gun. children are also used for propaganda. >> and eight-year-old firebrand. an eight-year-old who already bears the marks of a much older man. >> moving onto business news now , here in germany business confidence has slipped, according to the latest index. they are always watched very
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closely on the markets, but this month they had little impact. a real bargain frankfurt tells us why. -- maria bart in frankfurt tells us why. >> normally this news would lead to a drop in share prices, but not the case this time. the dax did not jump for joy, but it did not tumble downwards at great speed either. people took it relatively moderately. the reason is a lot of economists who observed the german economy, who analyze it, say no reason to worry. the level is still quite high. sure, there are worries about a rack behind this latest drop, but that is not a reason yet to correct a german economic growth forecast downwards, should the situation in iraq worsen or the oil price rise considerably as a result in the next business climate drop, shortly with an effect on sare prices. >> let's have a look at the
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market numbers for you in a bit more details, starting out with the dax, which ended the day higher. 9938 was the closing number. virtually flat, 3284 was the number at the end of trading. the dow jones in new york is currently down, the euro still hovering around $1.36. moving on, to the world cup and another a european team has bitten the dust. italy is out after losing their last group clash with uruguay. they may even have the bite marks to show it. we will explain that in a moment. >> uruguay is going through it together with costa rica. another set of european underperformers, let's grab some highlights from the game. >> the pressure was on. uruguay needed to progress, italy needed to draw.
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trying to preserve the shutout, he made vague saves in the first half. with about half of an hour to go in the game, he had another chance but the shop went wide. they got the red card for this file. italy was down to 10 when he blocked the kick. in the 81st minute, he could not save the situation. diego scored the corner kick. now italy is out and uruguay moves on. the question is, will suarez be allowed to play? he allegedly bit colleen e on the shoulder, but the referee did not call it. italians have called for him to be banned. >> joining us now? art, from the sports department. great to see you once more.
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>> they decided to play defensively, there was too much talent on the forward line. another double problem that the italians had, a hard time dealing with the heat. you can see it in some of the other games they played. plus a number of players are in the 30's. too much was expected of them. i think that the cards were against them. this is an italian team again making an early exit from a world cup competition. uruguay fully deserved to win the match. >> and yet we have to talk about suarez. assuming that that was proven that it was a i that we just saw, what is going on? why the biting? >> nice to be hungry to win, but this is going too far. sorry, could not resist that. we may have to ask his health professional why this is
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happening. when he played in holland in 2010 he bit a player. last year in the premier league bit a player from chelsea. this is allegedly the third incident in which he had done this. if it is proven, he may be facing a ban. the italians are screaming right now and they want him banned. >> there was also the costa rica england game. >> they did try hard. they had a chance to score early on a shot was saved by daniel stern much. the costa rica and's was -- were not sitting back. here we can see the footage from that game. the costa rica and's also tried to score when silvio had a wonderful shot tipped over the ball by the english keeper. end to end action there, england needs to regroup and have a new team. there is talent there, they have
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a wonderful league. whether they have enough home-grown players to make a great team? that is another question. >> let's look ahead and think about who they are going through and who they are likely to face, of course. >> we have costa rica winning group d. they have seven points and are now going to play the runners-up of group c. uruguay will play the winner. likely it will be either columbia or the ivory coast. it could be one of those teams, we will see later tonight. >> thank you so very much for that, art. >> germany played their last group team match on thursday. we will bring you that of course on thursday. >> goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> good evening. the russian president vladimir put in out to the upper house of parliament and -- vladimir putin asked the upper house of parliament and moscow -- this after the rebels said they would respect a piece deal approved by the ukrainian president petro poroshenko.


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